FIBO Group has won 3 awards at the MOSCOW FOREX EXPO 2015

28 Sep 2015

FIBO Group has won 3 awards at the MOSCOW FOREX EXPO 2015

FIBO Group participated in the traditional MOSCOW FOREX EXPO 2015 exhibition held in autumn and has become its platinum sponsor.

Moscow Forexexpo 2015 is the largest exhibition and conference, where the main companies – Russian and intermational Forex market participants – are represented. This event has been held for more than 15 years and is an absolute leader in this area. Training workshops and master classes from Forex market leading experts are held as part of the exhibition.

Specialists and analysts of FIBO Group company were fully engaged in the training workshops and conferences. FIBO Group analysts gave the master classes to the exhibition participants while Regional development - Affiliate programs specialists took part in the “Affiliate programs on Forex market” with a speech titled “Affiliate programs on Forex market is one of the most affordable and risk-free ways of earning”.

FOREX EXPO 2015 experts have honored our company with altogether 3 awards: «Best Forex Broker in Russia and CIS 2015», «Best standard forex broker 2015», and we were particularly pleased that the company’s analytical department was honored with the highest award of «Best analytic support service 2015».

The most pleasant outcome of the exhibition were numerous meetings with our existing and potential customers, who had a great opportunity to communicate directly with the company’s specialists, get advice on trading strategies from analysts and discuss the possibilities of working as partners.

International Financial Holding FIBO Group is one of the oldest players in marginal internet trading. The first company of the Group was founded in 1998. From the first day of our work, we always adhere to the principles of transparent activities, to protect the interests of customers and strict compliance of observance applicable laws and orders of national regulators. Our customers and partners can be assured that all the services provided by any of the companies within FIBO Group would meet the highest international standards and are under the control of the national regulators.



Hormat kami,
FIBO Group, Ltd.