Daylight saving time clock shift

07 Mar 2018

Daylight saving time clock shift

Dear Client,

Due to the daylight saving time clock shift in the USA on the 11th of March and considering the fact that Europe will shift clocks two weeks later – on the 25th of March, some alterations will be made to our Dealing Desk operation hours from the 11th of March (Sunday) to the 23th of March (Friday).

  • start of trading time: Monday 00:05 EET
  • end of trading time: Friday 22:55 EET

GOLD, SILVER, XAU/USD, XAG/USD contracts will be closed for trading from 22:55 ЕЕТ to 00:05 ЕЕТ.

Hormat kami,
FIBO Group, Ltd.